Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twitter: the best thing about Facebook

Said Nick O'Neill of the All Facebook blog:

"My guess is that we'll see a large number of status feed applications build and while other apps will be built, any Twitter-like applications will receive the most amount of buzz."

That which makes Facebook more like Twitter can only be a good thing. What made the status updates finally interesting was the new ability to comment on them and have miniature conversations with other members. Of course, this is exactly what Twitter is good for, and with Twitter, you avoid all the obnoxious miscellaneous applications.

Naturally, I have set it up so my Facebook status changes whenever I update my Twitter status.

Facebook leads Myspace

Well, according to

This may be the first survey we've seen that puts Facebook ahead of the News Corp.-owned MySpace in U.S. traffic. It also puts Twitter as the third-biggest social-media site in the country by total page views, with only about six million unique visitors but a whopping 54 million views.

I could never get into Myspace with its cartoonish aesthetic.  More importantly, some studies have shown that Facebook features a membership that has more education and higher incomes. If you're going to blow an evening posting photos of yourself and discussing the minutiae of your life (as I have done), you might as well do it with people who have money.