Thursday, September 16, 2010

A love letter from a reader

J.H. Huebert, a brilliant writer, libertarian, attorney and friend, wrote this column showing that Glenn Beck is not now and never has been a libertarian (even though some people refer to him as such for some unfathomable reason).

A fellow named Leon Haller wrote in calling Huebert a "leftist plant" and a "fool," which is fun in itself, but this part piqued my interest for obvious reasons:

"You are a free market egalitarian, Huebert, and I'm going to show up at any Mises Institute event in which I know you're going to be a speaker (at least someday, when I can arrange matters properly), and I'm going to expose for the world just what leftists you and [Mises Institute founder Llewellyn] Rockwell et al really are. I knew Murray Rothbard, and he would be disheartened and DISGUSTED at the "Modals" like you which turncoat Rockwell has allowed into the formerly paleolibertarian fold. Shame on you, Lew, for selling out, and building the careers of pathetic leftist nobodies like this Huebert, McMaken, Anthony Gregory, that Kramer freak, and similar jackasses."

Wuh oh. I plan to be at the Institute in March. Maybe 'ol Leon will be there to "expose" my crypto-leftism to the world too! Meanwhile, I guess the shade of the late, magnificent Murray Rothbard will weep at our treachery.