Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AP: Colorado foreclosures fall 24 percent in May

The AP picked up my foreclosure story today. Carried at 9News:

Colorado foreclosures fall 24 percent in May

DENVER (AP) - Foreclosures in Colorado are continuing to fall.

According to the Colorado Division of Housing, they fell 24 percent in May compared to last year.

The department says May was the sixth consecutive month during which both filings and sales were down when compared to the same month a year earlier.

Division of Housing spokesman Ryan McMaken says lenders and servicers have been proceeding slowing the foreclosure process during the past seven or eight months and there are fewer foreclosures to report.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Series of articles on Colo. Public Radio

I recently was interviewed in person by Ben Markus over at Colorado Public Radio. They've been incorporating pieces of the interview into recent segments.

Here's a piece of an earlier remote interview:

Foreclosure fillings fell last quarter by 27%. Ryan McMaken is the chief economist at the Colorado Division of Housing.

McMaken: It’s quite a drop, even compared to all the other first quarters, so that we can forget about seasonal issues, the numbers are still down considerably from an average first quarter number.

McMacken [sic] says this may signal growing strength in the real estate market. Initially, the slow down in foreclosure fillings came from banks halting so-called robo-signing. Some lenders and got into legal trouble for approving foreclosures without even reading the documents. But McMaken says that’s probably not the cause for the slowdown now.