Thursday, June 2, 2011

Series of articles on Colo. Public Radio

I recently was interviewed in person by Ben Markus over at Colorado Public Radio. They've been incorporating pieces of the interview into recent segments.

Here's a piece of an earlier remote interview:

Foreclosure fillings fell last quarter by 27%. Ryan McMaken is the chief economist at the Colorado Division of Housing.

McMaken: It’s quite a drop, even compared to all the other first quarters, so that we can forget about seasonal issues, the numbers are still down considerably from an average first quarter number.

McMacken [sic] says this may signal growing strength in the real estate market. Initially, the slow down in foreclosure fillings came from banks halting so-called robo-signing. Some lenders and got into legal trouble for approving foreclosures without even reading the documents. But McMaken says that’s probably not the cause for the slowdown now.