Monday, June 21, 2010

Uh-oh, bigots don't like me

There's a web site called VDARE which many corporate web-surfing programs block for "racist content." They're a site that spins a variety of bizarre theories about the inferiority of non-Anglo Saxons and so on. Articles criticizing me for my moderately pro-immigration views have appeared more than once. On this site, a writer seems to (or at least did at one time) attribute to me the famous "Go back to Boston" tirade by Augustin Cebada of the Brown Berets. Comments that are a bit fiery for my tastes, and somewhat violent and in poor taste. And, I never wrote them. [Here is the original piece, although I don't want to link directly to such a site:]

This is simply an occupational hazard of writing a lot, I suppose, since sooner or later, someone would attribute something to me that I never wrote. In my original posting in which I quote (without endorsement) Cebada's views, I did point out the hypocrisy of those who claim to be so horrified by such a statement, while supporting similar sentiments in favor of Anglos. My piece is basically a historical analysis, which is why I compare modern sentiments to those of John C. Calhoun, although for some people, everything is a cause for histrionics. [Here's the archived link, since my old blog posts prior to 2007 have been deleted.]

Which brings me to why I ever brought this up. The "racialists" (as they call themselves) who support these hyper-nationalistic views have twice now hurled insults at me in the comments section of the Mises Economics blog. Personally, I find it rather bizarre that some people have so much free time as to sit around starting fights over articles that were published 4 years ago. But there's a lot of variety out there I suppose.