Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Colorado foreclosure filings drop to 2004 levels

From "Colorado foreclosure filings drop to 2004 levels " The Denver Post, November 14, 2013

Both foreclosure filings and foreclosure auction sales during the third quarter of 2013 were at the lowest quarterly totals collected in any quarter since the Division of Housing began tracking quarterly totals in 2007. 
"This foreclosure cycle has largely wound down," said Ryan McMaken, economist for the Colorado Division of Housing. 
"We're looking at a nine- or 10- year low in foreclosure totals for the year," McMaken added in a statement. 
All of the state's 12 metropolitan counties reported year-over-year declines in both foreclosure filings totals and foreclosure auction sales totals for the first nine months of 2013, when compared to the same period of last year.