Friday, June 20, 2008

Portfolio, Pt I

I'm not a graphic artist, but I can put together publications when absolutely necessary, as with the publications below. I've written the copy for all of the documents below.

Click on each item for the full view.

This is a brochure:

This is a full page informational ad for a trade publication for people within the factory-built housing industry:

This is a "palm card" that is designed to be handed out or mailed. It is the size of a standard No. 10 business envelope. Many local governments and other organizations send this out to people in foreclosure:
This is a flyer for a highly successful event I organized for 2007's affordable housing week. We had an overflow crowd, and a great panel as you can see:
This is a flyer for one of our foreclosure town hall meetings. During 2008, I've organized about 12 of these in partnerships with various state, federal, and local officials: