Friday, June 20, 2008

Government Relations

I've worked with legislation and policymaking from both outside and from within the government.

For four years with the student association, I worked primarily as a registered lobbyist, writing bills and amendments, lobbying the caucuses and the Joint Budget Committee on budget issues, and generally promoting positive relationships between the association and elected officials from the state government.

In recent years I've managed the Division of Housing's local government relations and provided analysis of local elections, ordinances, and agendas.

At the Congressional level, I've spent quite a bit of time doing joint events with members of Colorado's Congressional delegation and lobbying members and their staff on housing issues.

At the state level, I've planned numerous community events with members of the General Assembly while analyzing elections, legislation, and state budgets.

There is no elected official I won't work with. It is a priority of mine to find common ground and work with any elected official regardless of party, ideology, or agenda.

Here is a list of some of the legislation and public policies I've monitored, analyzed, or lobbied over the years:

State Level:
Higher Education: Common course numbering system
Higher Education: The creation of the College Opportunity Fund
Higher Education: Student privacy and ID numbers
Higher Education: A four-year fixed tuition plan
Higher Education: Expulsion for student rioting
Local governments and energy efficiency
Manufactured housing regulation
Tenant-landlord relations
State Housing Trust Fund
The Creation of the Foreclosure Prevention Fund

Higher Education funding, grants and loans
GSE Regulation (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac issues)
National Housing Trust Fund
The HOPE for Homeowners Act of 2008 (foreclosure prevention)

Local Issues:
Inclusionary Zoning ordinances
Rent Control
Energy Efficiency
Building Codes
Land Use
Affordable Housing