Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Managing expectations

Managing expectations with the Foreclosure Hotline is a big deal for us. Since it's administered by non-profits, capacity and response time are a constant challenge:

"For many homeowners, getting help can be frustrating"
November 23, 2008
THE (Colorado Springs) GAZETTE

At a time when record numbers of people have fallen into foreclosure in the Colorado Springs area, Brooks believes he's exactly the type of troubled homeowner that lawmakers, housing advocacy groups and consumer counseling agencies want to help. So, he's called his lender to see if he can work out a deal, contacted financial counseling services and pursued assistance through a new federal program.

"People like this fellow (Brooks) are trying to think ahead and be pro-active before they reach the panic zone, but they're at a disadvantage because they're trying to access the same resources as other people ... who already are in foreclosure and who have a more urgent situation," said Ryan McMaken, a CDH spokesman.